Perfectly Imperfect Soull

Hello Everyone and welcome to my Blog! 

Two years ago,  I decided to start a blog not knowing where it would lead me and voilà: I officially released a single and hopefully more music to come! 

Although Music has a special place in my heart, it has not been a straight road forward to get to a place where I could proudly share my songs with the rest of the World,  While I am still fighting my battles, through it all,  I choose to celebrate L.I.F.E, lessons I have learned, growth I have gained from all these experiences. Good or bad, they are fueling my inspiration as an artist, pushing me toward a higher purpose that I have yet to discover. 

Far from the perfect life portrayed by so many, here, it's all about life's ups and downs, personal stories, biblical reflections with some cooking in between; the ''behind the scenes'' of my imperfect life yet perfect in God's eyes!

So grab a cup of tea, coffee, water...anything you want ( LOL) and let's read!

Pour les amis "francophones & francophiles''  attentez vous aussi à des articles et des chansons en français. Que sait-on jamais! Laissez moi des commentaires et commençons une belle amitié pourquoi pas?

Feel free to leave a comment, and share your thoughts, this page is also yours! 

À tantôt.