Such a time as this...

We can all agree: times have changed!  Through the turns, ups and downs since the pandemic broke out, still I remain speechless at the positive responses  that I received, since the release of my first songs.  

This musical journey is a dream, even more, a purpose that wouldn't have been pursued if it was not for your support, your kind words, encouragements...and for that, I would like to say: thank you!  

I am humbled and grateful to see how some of these melodies have touched your heart, this why I would love to share many more songs, so here I am, looking to partner with you on this project. 

While you decide to get involve in any kind of way, I would love to connect and build a strong relationship with you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Leave your email and subscribe to stay in touch and stay safe.

Any donation is welcome and 10% will be donated to an organization helping the Black community here in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

Know that you are loved and you matter!  

Stay bless. 


Let's do this together!

While these times are leaving us wondering about tomorrow, I believe more than ever in the power of Praise&Worship. God can heal, restore broken hearts, bodies, or relationships through Music and help us affirm our identity; live a purposeful life. I would love to musically walk down this journey with each and one of you.

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