Cranberry rice with coconut milk/ bbq pork chops

It's been a minute here since I've entered my kitchen... Let's blame COVID-19 for having us supporting restaurants and small business owners (LOL). In all seriousness, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and we are trying…

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Goat cheese Beet Salad

Looking for something fresh, tasty and quick, well I got you with this one. It is a very simple salad to break the routine of always having lettuce on the table. You will need : 

  • five beets 
  • one yellow onion 

Creamy red curry peanut Sauce

I never thought that I would be able to pull this off until I did (LOL)! I am a big fan of Thai & Laos food but other than the classic '' fried rice '' or '' fried noodles'', I…

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Empanadas ( Ivorian pastels)

I have not always been a big ''fan'' of making my dough for a scratch but I actually love it now. Not only it tastes better compared to some of the premade '' doughs'' sold in the store but it…

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Sauce Graine au Gombo frais ( Français/ French post )

Depuis mon arrivée au Canada, je l'avoue, il m'est très difficile de cuisiner des repas ivoriens. Assez aventurière dans le domaine du '' palet'', chez moi, les mets d'origine ivoirenne ne sont pas fréquement au menu. L'autre raison est simplement…

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''Yassa'' Chicken/ Poulet ''Yassa"

Bien qu’étant Ivoirienne, ce plat Sénégalais est l’un de mes favoris. J’ai un attachement très particulier avec ce pays que je n’ai pourtant pas encore eu la chance de visiter. Pour la petite histoire, ma curiosité pour le Sénégal a…

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Apple Couscous Salad

Back in Ivory Coast, Couscous was not a favorite meal of mine. I tasted it the first time in my High School Cafeteria. They had this option where parents would subscribe to the service for the children to have two…

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Lemon&Rosemary Chicken

Fall is here! And this means Holidays season prepping, Comfort food cooking and hosting a couple of parties in between. Every year, I promise myself that I won't be cooking but always end up in the kitchen to please my…

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Mexican Quinoa

Growing up in Ivory Coast, I discovered Quinoa when I arrived in Canada. It is a very popular cooking ingredient in North and Latin America. Although I knew Quinoa is a ‘super’ healthy seed, one bite of it was enough…

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Mini Spinach Quiche

Other than bread, I have found a second winner ( meal) for my son's ''picky'' taste: eggs. Yes, Mr 'Pichon' has been obsessed with eggs lately. Trying to be more creative, I thought of a way to bring his two…

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