Seeking first the Kingdom! (The order)

‘’But seek ([a]aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness ([b] His way of doing and being right), and then all these things [c]taken together will be given you besides.’’

 Matthew 6:33 AMP 


March 2020 was definitely a special month for me and for the rest of the World. Being in lockdown since the beginning of the month, strongly advised to stay at home as much as possible in order to avoid the spread of a deadly virus: COVID-19; has definitely changed my perspective on many things. 

With over one million of the World’s population infected, everyone is trying their best to keep it together, adjusting to this new normal and it is the same for me; living in a Digital World,  another ‘’ bomb’’ to handle, I must confess.

In previous posts, I have shared how the past three years have not been ‘’ a walk in a park’’  for my son and I. First becoming a mother, then a single mother, not to mention switching jobs and daycares… amidst these transitions, here we are now: isolated for over a month! Surely many feel like their whole world is crashing down and it maybe is.

This worldwide crisis took us by surprise. But during this difficult time, I choose to appreciate the little things, the things I used to take for granted. Among these blessings, if there is one thing that I am really proud of: it is the release of my third song. Yep, new music and I am not the only one doing so!

My whole life, Music has played a key role to help me navigate through my emotions. Music keeps me grounded and what started last July as a "trial'', is now becoming the project of a lifetime. As impromptu as it sounds, it was not an overnight process, believe me. From writing my first song at fifteen to releasing my first song at thirty-one, it took me sixteen years to grow enough confidence to believe and trust God first, before anything else. 

 The truth is, I used to relate to people’s approval, before making any move. Afraid of failing, it was not necessarily an issue at first until a sense of ''not knowing enough'' took control of my decision-making process. I grew insecure, so insecure that I could not trust my own sound judgment, constantly second-guessing myself.  People's advice and guidance became the final words.

Without a doubt, this mindset negatively affected my life and caused many of my relationships to break. I would feel in my heart to go a certain way but would proceed to disregard these strong '' gut'' feelings and choose one's advice. This problem was not because of the people’s intentions or the quality of their advice but rather, the order in which I received and processed their opinion. 

 I understand now, that most of the time, a piece of advice is based on what people know, how the situation is presented, and their personal experiences or knowledge on the matter. Therefore guidance is also based on the perception of who I portrayed myself to be when commuting with people.

Unless divine revelation ( word of knowledge), what people see or may know of me is a very small percentage of who I really am. Even the closest people in our lives may only partially know us. Though the past is set in stone and the present looks a certain way, our destiny is still a mystery to many including ourselves.

It is not a matter of good or bad advice but of ORDER!  We should be careful with how we process any given information and seek first the counsel of Him who created us. We can’t keep forcing people to fit into boxes. It’s proven not to be working anymore!

In Abraham's bosom, there, in the secret of God, a word was spoken over your life. It does not matter, where you were born, the colour of your skin, the sound of your voice… From the things not yet accomplished and to the ones this society calls ''failures'', these words will come to pass in your life as long you seek first the guidance of the One who spoke them over you: Rabboni, the great teacher! 

Today, I am realizing how important switching the order in my decision-making process has changed my life for the better!  It does not mean shutting down people's advice but simply asking for the Holy Spirit and giving Him room to speak to us first. His job is to lead us in all the truth, to help us sort out what we hear and to guard our hearts.

Words can bring life or death into a situation, a relationship, a dream, or a project…keeping words that align with God’s plan for my life is true Wisdom. This is my new mindset.

It is not always black or white, it is a journey to self-empowerment & self-confidence but it begins with God first! 

Do not be discouraged if you’ve let in toxic people or anybody,  make a decision for yourself. You can still take back control of your life and ask God's opinion by reading his Word and letting the Holy Spirit guide you first.

You are more than capable to make the greatest decisions for your life with God by your side.


Take care, stay blessed

Bye for now!

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