How about a little introduction eh?

Welcome everyone! 

My name is Carine, I am a mother, a sister, a friend... a child of God, passionate by numbers, cooking, make-up artistry and many other things but above of all, I love Music. As many would say I am a ‘’ song bird’’ , always singing a song. I remember growing up, my sisters and I would never miss the opportunity to turn everything into a song. Even my little toddler cannot resist the urge of singing and dancing every time he hears a song... It truly runs in the family! (LOL) 

I was born and raised in Abidjan-Côte d'Ivoire, an ex-French colony located in West Africa. At seventeen, I left my hometown for Casablanca to pursue a post-secondary education. After two years spent in Morocco, my older sister and I arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 2007, right in the middle of a rude winter! Some time after, my younger sister joined us and with the three of us together in this foreign land, begins the adventure of a lifetime. 

 It has not been an easy journey from the day we landed, up until now,but finding a community where I could grow my faith, my gifts and abilities has been a crucial decision that changed the course of my life for the better. In every country where I lived, I would always look for a great community to serve in the Praise&Worship team. Canada was no different except the fact that this time, we were far from our family and the environment was extremely different from what we were used to, even in Morocco. 

Ten years went by and I could not write a song, not a single one! After going through some tough times, I have found my journal from back in the days and for the past two years, I began to write recipes, slams, motivational messages and songs.These songs have become my anthem. I would sing them over my son and I every time I could.  This season of creativity has led me to start a personal blog and share my little stories and my passion for Worship. 

You must have guessed it by now, I am not a professional writer and English isn’t my first language yet, I am determined to jump! As I learn along the way, please feel to comment, share your ideas, your suggestions and in no time my Technics will surely improve with your help. 

I am very excited for this journey and I hope you find in reading the posts or listening to the songs, something for yourself, knowing that you are loved, you are perfectly made, you matter! 

Bye for now,